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How do I get my Orange County CCW permit?

How do I get my Orange County CCW permit?

Getting your Orange County CCW permit We get a lot of calls here at Artifex – and I mean a lot – about CCW. It’s a service and class we’ve built our reputation around, and we’re always happy to help. There seem to be a lot of misconceptions out there, so we hope this...

Assault Weapon registration: all change please!

We’ve waited a while before posting this update on our firearms laws as they apply to your semi-automatic centerfire rifles (think AR15 and AKs), partly because we wanted clarification from the Department of Justice, and partly out of disbelief that California...

Assault Rifles, bullet buttons and registration

[UPDATE SINCE POSTING THIS BLOG: new and last-minute additions (regulations filed by DoJ with the Office of Administrative Law) may require you to keep the bullet button on your rifle rather than switching to a free-state standard magazine release. Consult a...

CCW renewal

If you're within three months of the expiry of your CCW permit then you need to start the renewal process as soon as possible. The CCW Department at OCSD is busier than ever, and although the renewal process is simpler and quicker than the initial application, there...

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