CCW application instructions

How to apply for your Orange County CCW

These easy steps will help start your application:

Once you’ve been given an appointment we will advise you on how to complete the application form, how to best word your individual good cause statement, and what other steps are necessary in the application process.

We will simplify the process for you, and when you are ready you have the option of taking one of the best CCW training classes currently available.

Why choose Artifex Firearms Training for your CCW Class?

We have the unique advantage a Chief Instructor with both a legal and military (Special Operations) background. This means you will receive expert legal and tactical instruction and training on:

  • Firearms safety

  • Marksmanship fundamentals

  • How, where and what to conceal carry

  • Interacting with Law Enforcement

  • Defensive mindset and the decision-making process

  • The use of lethal force in self defense

  • Penal Codes relevant to the carriage of firearms

  • Post-incident procedure

  • Where you can and can’t carry

  • Scenarios, videos and discussion throughout

By choosing to carry a concealed firearm you are accepting great responsibility. Make sure your training class ackowledges that fact and sets you up for success.


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