ONE DAY Accelerated Orange County CCW Class $249

Your time is valuable. Get your CCW training done in one day in a small focussed class. Taught by former British Special Forces with vast experience of concealed carry, the training takes just one day and is restricted to a maximum class-size of six students. This class is recommended for you if you are confident with a handgun and need to focus on the law surrounding concealed carry and defensive use of lethal force. This class has the huge advantage of taking just the single day, whilst ensuring you are thoroughly prepared for concealed carry. Fully approved by OCSD. Note: range and additional gun fees apply.


One Day Private Orange County CCW Class $849

This exclusive accelerated (one day) course is available by appointment only, for students of any ability. No previous firearms experience is necessary. If you are pushed for time, this class can be run over two evenings according to your schedule. This is a very popular option for couples who wish to train together. An instructor can even come to your residence for an extra charge (see Executive Private CCW, below), to allow you to learn in the comfort of your own home. This class is also valid for San Diego CCW.


Executive Private Orange County CCW Class $1200

Invest in the ultimate training package! Learn CCW in the privacy of your own home, before moving to the range, and receive full training on using firearms within your home to combat intruders. This 8 hour course covers a full introduction to firearms safety and handling before moving on to the law, and methods of concealed carry. With a former British Special Operations instructor you will learn how to clear your house in advanced handgun room-to-room combat, and learn when to use defensive tactics as opposed to more aggressive CQB skills.

This exceptional day of training will qualify you for your OCSD CCW permit, give you the skills to use your handgun for house-clearing, and teach you advanced skills on the live-fire range. This class is also valid for San Diego CCW.

This class is open to students of any skill level, and is by appointment only. Please contact Artifex for further information, or call us on 949-861-0693.


Post CCW $149

Spend a half day on the range being put through concealed carry scenarios, shooting multiple targets and moving targets from different positions including from vehicles. Learn the limitations of concealed carry and pit yourself against the timer to watch your skills improve and set goals for future training.

Orange County CCW Renewal $149

The renewal course is a four hour class covering firearms safety and the law surrounding the permissible use of firearms. Please call or contact us for further information. Please note range fee not included. To book your renewal class simply choose which of the regular CCW classes you’d like to join, then follow this link to secure your place. You’ll be given instructions on when to be at the range on the date you have already identified.

For Orange County CCW call now (949) 861-0693

Artifex Firearms is certified by Orange County Sheriff’s Department to teach the CCW class, and is the premier provider for students of all skill levels.  Our Chief Instructor has extensive experience of concealed carry both abroad (on covert operations) and in the USA. We are pleased to be of assistance at any stage in your CCW process, offering advice and realistic testing training to prepare you for the huge responsibility that comes with concealed carry.

General information from OCSD on Orange County CCW can be found by clicking here.  Your first step should be to email OCSD on ccwpermits@ocsd.org to request the initial CCW interview (simply state you wish to apply for an Orange County CCW). Expect an appointment several weeks or months later, depending on how busy the department is.  You should then download the required documents from the OCSD website. Click here for a link to the documents, and don’t forget to review the document checklist to ensure you haven’t missed anything.

If you have questions as to what constitutes good cause, contact us and we will advise where we can.

Once you’ve had your interview, you will be given provisional approval, and told to complete your Orange County CCW class. Congratulations if you’ve reached this stage! The next step is to select which of the training courses best suits your needs from the options below.

Remember, your primary concern should be getting thorough instruction on both the law surrounding carrying a handgun in California, and the use of lethal force in self defense situations. Set yourself up for success and choose one of our courses below.

PLEASE NOTE: Since the 9th Circuit Court granted an En Banc (full) review of the Peruta decision; OCSD is stating the following on its website:

“New applicants, and those applicants currently in process, will be required to articulate their safety concerns and provide supporting documentation in accordance with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department’s (OCSD) Policy 218. Each application will be evaluated individually based on the merits of the applicant’s good cause statement and the totality of their circumstances.”

The Peruta case was heard before the full 11 member panel of the 9th Circuit on June 15 2015. The decision of that court has yet to be handed down. Whatever the result, expect the case to continue on to the U.S. Supreme Court.

We are encouraging people to continue to apply for their Orange County CCW and we are here to advise clients on “good cause”.

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