Firearms Training

Range classes

People come to Artifex range days because they want to improve their shooting in a safe, professional environment. They want a company that delivers outstanding classes, from beginner’s handgun to advanced rifle and pistol. When you are considering where to train – where to learn – wouldn’t you want to know that everything that is being taught comes from real-world experience?

There’s a reason that we see the same shooters over and over again at our classes.  They feel welcome; they feel safe; they feel challenged to learn new skills; and they start to feel like part of the Artifex family.

Read our Yelp reviews and come along to a class to experience professional, safe and fun firearms tuition.

Individual lessons

To really progress to the next level you can’t beat one on one training with one of our expert instructors. Live fire lessons can be conducted at indoor or outdoor ranges, and can even be at your own home or office for firearms safety and home defense lessons.  Contact us today to find out more.

Events and bachelor parties

Chose an activity with a difference. Artifex can arrange shooting classes, competitions or scenario training for your special event – all within the strict parameters of safety first.  Spend a half day on the range learning to shoot pistol  or rifle before indulging in friendly competition with your colleagues, friends, fellow groomsmen or bridesmaids.  Find out who has been hiding that shooting talent, before you retire to the bars and clubs that evening to argue over who really was the best shot.

Simulator training

Artifex is also proud to be able to offer training at Southern California’s premier facility for simulated force-on-force training, Artemis Defense Institute. ADI provides advanced wide-screen based defensive scenarios, to test your situational awareness, reaction to threats, and shooting effectiveness. A major training tool of local law enforcement, this facility is equally valuable to civilian shooters and for corporate team building. Scenarios can even be recorded on your own property or business, to allow you to realistically prepare for home defense situations, or emergencies at the school or workplace.

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