Security Assessments

Physical, electronic and cyber security are the three pillars on which a sound and secure business is built. A compromise in any one of these areas can have severe implications for corporate effectiveness, and can even prove disastrous where sensitive material is concerned. Artifex Consulting offers a range of security, threat, risk and vulnerability assessment services, each tailored to the particular needs of the client – whether that client is an individual seeking to secure their home, a multinational corporation with multiple sites to fortify, or a local school concerned about recent threats.


Through Red Cell penetration testing Artifex can inform you of the true vulnerability of your property, installation or premises.


Artifex can advise on, initiate and instigate rigorous protocols to ensure the security of your premises, assets and installations. We can advise on access passes, tamper-proof identification, entry systems and voice stress analysis to combat the growing threat of corporate and industrial espionage.



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