Artifex Consulting Corp, based in Southern California, was founded in 2012 by two UK Special Forces veterans.  Their aim was to provide niche Tier 1 capability services to Law Enforcement and Military agencies in order to strengthen local and national security capabilities.  Their combined 35 years of military service allowed Artifex to offer the most up-to-date counter-terrorism training, from real-world recent experience. Today that aim has expanded:

Artifex now offers a full range of security services to the corporate and civilian sectors as well, including vulnerability testing, risk assessments, and firearms training.


We are a small company, with big ideas, and the belief that the correct training can make all the difference. We therefore offer the very best training and consultancy in our chosen fields of expertise.  Our consultants are drawn from the American and British Special Operations communities, and US law enforcement. Please browse our range of services and use the Contact Us page if you have any inquiries.

Our logo symbolizes everything that has come from the special relationship between the United States of America, and the United Kingdom: loyalty, fighting spirit, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.


Artifex Consulting Corp is an American company, employing veterans.

AC Global Risk

AC Global Risk is a highly specialized risk management firm that unifies the special operations combat experience and counterintelligence know-how of its staff with next generation biometric technology solutions.  The end results are cost-effective, technology-based, risk assessment analytics products and services that facilitate strategic and operational level decision-making, enhance adherence to internal controls and external regulations, and decrease overall internal and external risk exposure. There is no more sophisticated way to mitigate financial, legal, operational, reputational and security-based risk and reduce exposure to risk, fraud, theft and abuse.

Sabre 22

Based out of Southern California with the flexibility to project services worldwide, Sabre 22’s security consultants develop security strategies, solutions and recommendations, not just for the short term, but also for clients’ long-term goals and concerns. Sable 22’s strength lies in the uniqueness and diversity of its team. Predominantly made up of UK Special Forces Veterans and business world leaders, Sabre 22’s combined experience in the global security arena exceeds 80 years. With specialist skill sets honed from years of frontline operational experience and practical implementation, training courses and guidance are not just taken out of a manual but are tried, tested and proven

Officer Survival Solutions

Dedicated to protecting the lives of Law Enforcement Officers and Deputies across the nation, OSS provides some of the most advanced operational and personal protective equipment on the market today. From multi-hit large caliber ballistic plates, to ultra-lightweight covert plates, and even a ballistically rated rifle-helmet, OSS protective gear and plate carriers combine function with effectiveness. Added to this is their range of individual trauma packs designed to address the life-threatening injuries that are taking the lives of our brave first responders every day.


Artemis Defense Institute

California’s premier indoor scenario training facility, used by civilians and Law Enforcement alike. This is a firearms training facility like no other. Genuine Glock handguns driven by compressed air to give accurate recoil feedback are linked by laser to the substantial screens in front of the shooter. With hundreds of shoot/no-shoot scenarios to choose from, and even a ballistically accurate training program, the residents of Orange County now have one of the best firearms training schools on their doorstep.


Damsel in Defense

Self defense products for women…with style. Behind the innovative and fashionable designs, these are serious products for women who take their personal security seriously. From pepper spray, to flashlights, to stun guns and bags with concealed holster compartments there is something for everyone who is looking to improve their personal safety.


Artifex now offers a full range of security services to the corporate and civilian sectors, including vulnerability testing, risk assessments, personal security and firearms training.

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