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Welcome to the Special Projects page of Artifex Consulting Corp

This page is for US Law Enforcement, Military and Government agencies, and Corporate security divisions. On this page you can find details of the courses and training we offer. From our flagship covert-interdiction courses, to surveillance, CQB and room clearing, active shooter and vulnerability testing. We do not subscribe to the one-size-fits-all mentality; although the core content will remain the same for a certain course, we listen to the needs of each agency and department to modify courses to provide the precisely desired result. Courses are built on a modular basis to allow efficient, effective and realistic training schedules for busy teams, while ensuring that the syllabus is fully taught and tested.

Advanced Tactical Interdiction

ATI is a tactical covert interdiction capability developed by UK Special Forces to counter serious criminality. Agencies who have already been through our training include LA FBI SWAT, LA County Sheriff SEB, Orange County Sheriff Dept. SWAT, Anaheim PD SWAT and elements of FBI HRT.

This course can be delivered either as an intensive single package, or in modular units to build the capability within agencies over time. Agencies are welcome to send elements of their SWAT units to participate so that a single course comprises several agencies training together. With the current threat of active shooter and terrorist attacks at unprecedented levels, this course is essential training to counter conventional and extraordinary threats.

Advanced Tactical Interdiction – Command and Control for Executive Level

This is a one day course for senior commanders who need to understand how to best utilize their ATI teams. It is designed to give commanders an intimate working knowledge of the ATI capability, while instilling the trust and confidence in surveillance and strike teams allowing team leaders on the ground to make difficult but vital tactical decisions in an ever-collapsing time frame.

U.F.O. (Urban Fitness for Operations)

How hard has your team been pushed to find out at what point their effectiveness is compromised, and what skills they need to train harder? The UFO class is punishing, make no mistake, but it is a badge of honor to get through this 3 hour class. Based on SAS selection and continuation training, you will be put through exhausting physical tests – requiring team and individual effort – and then be asked to shoot to an exacting standard. Barricades, cover, movement, support fire and transition drills will all be tested, against increasing fatigue and heart rate levels. This is the ultimate class to test your team’s fitness and effectiveness with their primary and secondary weapon systems.

Tactical pistol, rifle and shotgun

For all branches of Law Enforcement, Military and Government agencies, these intensive courses take students from a sound basis of firearms proficiency, up to the very highest levels. Whether single shooter, pairs and small teams, static and mobile (foot and/or vehicle), each course is designed for the individual agency.

Surveillance Training

In the fight against global terrorism and transnational organized crime, gaining intelligence is a key factor. Electronic intelligence capabilities utilized by governmental agencies have been highly publicized of late, leading to terrorist and criminal groups adopting sophisticated countermeasures to avoid penetration.

The reliance solely on electronic surveillance has had significant past failures and on the whole produces a one dimensional intelligence picture. A highly skilled surveillance team compliments all areas of the intelligence cycle, giving the added advantage of ground truth, which cannot be verified through electronic surveillance alone.

Artifex provides a complete and comprehensive surveillance package, aimed at Government and Law Enforcement. The package can be tailored to the client’s requirements, in order to establish full teams, which are able to deploy CONUS, or OCONUS with limited infrastructure as an expeditionary surveillance team.

Artifex instructors have significant experience as surveillance operators and have conducted operations in high risk areas around the globe, such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Northern Ireland. The lessons learned through thousands of man hours have been applied to the Artifex surveillance curriculum, ensuring the client receives the most current and effective training available.

Surveillance and counter-narcotics/gang operations

Using similar principles of coordinating surveillance and interdiction assets in response to real time passage of information, this course has wide-ranging application to modern SWAT law enforcement. A precise and sophisticated approach is needed to avoid compromise, and maximize officer safety.

Vehicle ranges

This course covers the set-up of unmarked pursuit and surveillance vehicles, whether in the Law Enforcement or Military context, and how to deploy firearms effectively within that vehicle whilst static or mobile. This course has extensive focus on range work, concentrating on shooting various weapons systems from within and into vehicles.

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