“The pistol class was great. Time management and safety on the range were second to none.” J.R., SWAT team member of a California Law Enforcement agency

“Hands down the best class I’ve taken” L.V., Santa Ana CA

“If you take this course it is well worth every penny spent.” B.C., San Luis Obispo CA

“I would highly recommend his classes to anyone looking for a professional who can teach you what you need to know in order to protect yourself and your loved ones.” L.T., Mission Viejo CA

“Our confidence level kept getting better throughout the day.” J.W., Mission Viejo CA

“I highly recommend…Artifex to anyone considering firearm training for CCW or other purposes. I came away from this CCW with a MUCH higher confidence in the handling of my firearm related to concealed-carry.” T.C., Newport Beach CA

“Training could not be more informative.” J.R., Orange, CA

“I took the one day CCW class with Artifex and it was a great experience. Everything was very professionally done and it was a very safe environment.” K.L., Orange County CA

"Extremely professional and the level of knowledge is tremendous." B.F., Riverside CA

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